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Published 2nd May 2021

On June 4 2020, the Tasmanian Government announced 1,220 additional affordable and social homes as part of its $3.1 billion construction stimulus designed to secure construction jobs and tackle the state’s housing crisis.

Our team helped in the lead up to this announcement by developing a feasibility tool, which enables Housing Tasmania to improve its business intelligence. The tool does this by collecting inputs including demographic and housing user profiles, the level of unmet demand, housing typology, costs of construction and land. The tool then helps build out various scenarios for housing needs and cost. “We’ve actually been able to use that tool over the past few weeks in terms of seeing what options we have for a response that supports COVID-19 programs. Certainly this tool has been invaluable in assisting us with that process,” said Peter White, deputy secretary of Housing Tasmania. “It has been a different way of working for us, in an agile methodology… and I’d certainly recommend that approach and say from us, it was a very worthwhile exercise,” he said.


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