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Published 14th November 2022

Lived Experience Voices: insights into young people’s transition from the child protection and youth justice system in South Australia and the intersections with homelessness


We are very proud to launch the Lived experience voices: insights into young people’s transition from the child protection and youth justice system in South Australia and the intersections with homelessness.


This work is part of the Constellation Projects Better Journeys initiative that took place in 2021 -2022 with a team of volunteers which included people with lived experience of this transition, who undertook a research project to better understand the experience of young people transitioning from out of home care and youth justice.


This report is designed to provide information that assists key stakeholders, from community members to those with paid roles or formal authority, in understanding the needs and aspirations of young people. The information provided in this report can be utilised to better respond, reflect, plan, design and embed the voices of lived experience in service reform.


This report highlights the role that young people with relevant lived experience need to play in informing policies and services that directly effect them.


Developing solutions with those who know
Lived experience is critical in offering insights that may not have been considered previously so that policies and services being developed and implemented meet the needs of their intended beneficiaries. People with lived experience have a unique awareness of how policy decisions and social structures affect them and the community that they are part of. To effectively measure the quality of current policies and services and shape future ones, we need these voices at the table.


Our research
Our research shows that many will face a tough transition, and in some cases, homelessness. This is not surprising as the rate of young people experiencing homelessness who have a history of involvement with the Child Protection (CP) and Youth Justice (YJ) systems is high, pointing to a large systemic failure.


Despite policies and processes designed to protect young people, this report finds the young people interviewed did not feel supported or ready to leave the systems when the time came to move into independent living. Nor did the practitioners involved in these systems judge support to be adequate.



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