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The strength of the Constellation Project lies in its growing network and the diversity of people involved in the work. Their range of skills, knowledge and life experience ensures the project remains firmly cross-sector with the voices of lived experience at its centre.

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Ivan Simon

Constellation Project Governance Group

I had many reservations...

“and scepticism when invited to be part of this project.  ‘Why would the private sector want to get involved in homelessness when the governments of today and yesterday have not been able to solve the problem’.  

I have since been impressed with the level of commitment and dedication from all those individuals and organisations that are involved in the process.  I have noticed a high level of professional and genuine personal commitment to make a difference and impact on a very serious and ever increasing situation, particularly for First Nations people of Australia.”


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We know we cannot solve this problem alone and we are committed to working
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The Constellation Project is a growing
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