We believe that
homelessness is solvable.

The Constellation Project is driving action through collaboration. We share a vision to end homelessness in a generation.


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Why we exist

Because this issue is everyone’s responsibility. Because collaboration is hard. Because if solving this problem was easy, it would have been done already. And because this happens everyday.

We exist to bring together corporates, governments, academia, philanthropists and not-for-profits. And to bring the voice of lived experience into the centre of our work.


How we work

Work in The Constellation Project is supported by a dedicated core team and is activated via a social lab, a proven and innovative approach to drive social change. Our work is accelerated and iterative. We are focused on practical solutions.

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Leading Together

Leading together is our foundation pillar, it’s about how we work together across all sectors. There is a lot of excellent, high impact work happening in this space. Our role is to accelerate ideas and facilitate collaboration at scale.

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Our current challenge

Increasing the supply of safe, affordable, accessible, appropriate, and secure homes for people in Australia on very low to moderate incomes.

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Our next challenge

This pillar of work is focused on preventing entry into homelessness and accelerating journeys out. Our work for Better Journeys will soon be underway.


Who we are

In 2018, Australian Red Cross, the Centre for Social Impact, Mission Australia
and PwC Australia joined forces in the belief that together we stand a better
chance of driving action on homelessness.

Founding Members

Together the founding members deliver a unique national network and deep technical expertise to the project. Importantly, the founding members pool their resources to fund the backbone of the collaboration. This ensures the effective operation required to drive the project forward.

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Red Cross brings deep expertise and a national network to engage people with lived experience of homelessness including a specialist First Nations leadership team.

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Mission Australia brings extensive expertise delivering homelessness services and as a Community Housing Provider.

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CSI brings the evidence base providing data driven insights that form the basis of our work.

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PwC brings technical skills in key areas such as tax and data modelling as well as design and facilitation.

Governance Group

The Constellation Project’s Governance Group is made up of a member from each Founding Organisation, as well as an independent chair and First Nations representative.

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Marion Bennett

Executive, Mission Australia

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Shamal Dass

Adjunct Associate Professor, UNSW Business School

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Rosalie Wilkie

Partner Social Impact, PwC Australia

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Poppy Brown

Director NSW & ACT, Australian Red Cross

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Ivan Simon

Co-Chair, National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Housing Authority

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Kristy Muir

Professor & CEO, Centre for Social Impact

Executive Team

Also known as the driving team this group is responsible for the effective running of the social lab including lab team recruitment, Agile coaches and network champions. The team also overseas stakeholder management as well as the Lived Experience and First Nations advisory group.

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Jacqui Jones

PwC Australia

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Davina Dressler

Mission Australia

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Garrett Smith

PwC Australia

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Sarah Soteriou

Australian Red Cross

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Erin Hannan-Jones

PwC Australia


The strength of The Constellation Project lies in its growing network and the diversity of people involved in the work. Their range of skills, knowledge and life experience ensures the project remains firmly cross-sector with the voices of lived experience at its centre.

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    Homelessness is a wicked problem that can be solved, we can do it, but we need new and innovative ways like The Constellation Project to develop and road test practical and deliverable solutions....

    Mike Allen

    Lab Network Champion

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    I have noticed a high level of professional and genuine personal commitment to make a difference and impact on a very serious and ever increasing situation, particularly for First Nations people of Australia.

    Ivan Simon

    Co-Chair, National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Housing Authority

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    The freshness of the ideas and the sheer determination of everyone involved to do whatever they can to end homelessness has given me a huge amount of reassurance that we really will make a difference in countless people's lives....

    Sarah Nelson

    Lived Experience


What you can do

We know we cannot solve this problem alone and we are committed to working across sectors including business, not for profit, academia, philanthropy and government. If you'd like to keep up to date with the project please sign up to our newsletter below and if you'd like to support the project you can also register your interest below.

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